Place Branding Strategy


Cities and regions are far from exploiting their inherent amazing social, industrial, economic, tourist, cultural and educational resources.

PBS Consulting specializes in designing, building and implementing place branding strategies for cities, regions and countries.

We work with municipalities, councils, governments and tourist boards, helping them optimize the potential of their locations to attain one or more of these aims:

We believe that:


Cities/regions must brand themselves, maximizing their latent potential, ensuring their economic and social success.


People committed to and identifying with their city or region must be involved in the branding and positioning process.


The branding process must be led by a team that represents the range of the city’s/region’s diversities.


A city/region branding process delimited in time and managed professionally leads to noteworthy results.

Co-Founders & Co-Managers​

Prof. Yoram Mitki

Prof. Yoram Mitki is an expert in implementing advanced managerial approaches, developing business strategies, and advancing organizational learning and system-wide transformations.

He has consulted for cities, regions and various global organizations for many years and has far-reaching experience in this field. Conceptual models and practical tools that he has been involved in developing are studied and implemented in municipalities, business corporations, tourist organizations and higher educational institutes.

Prof. Ram Herstein

Prof. Ram Herstein is an expert in place branding (cities and regions) and international marketing.

He has developed cutting-edge branding models and frameworks for the field of place branding. He has vast experience in leading branding processes for places as well as in the service sector, and in guiding management in both areas.

He also has published 70 papers in top ranking journals in the fields of Urban Studies (Cities), Tourism (Tourism Management), and Business (Journal of Business Research).

Our Team

Dr. Ofer Melamed
Applied Neuroscientist and Futurologist
Dr. Ofer Melamed received his PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science. He is an expert in tailoring novel neuroscientific insights to behavior and in implementing frontier technologies for commercial usage.

He established an applied neuroscience center, where he develops innovative technologies combined with brain sciences. His neural models were implemented in the European Blue Brain Project, where the first-ever digital brain tissue is being developed.

Dorit Feldman

Dorit Feldman
Art and Culture Lead

Dorit Feldman is an interdisciplinary visual artist, an expert in sculpture for public spaces who has executed over a hundred public pieces.

Her work praxis alludes to the merging of a place or matter with contemplation of its existence, history, and significance. Her imagery is also inspired by cutting-edge scientific genetic research.

Omer Kaspi

Omer Kaspi
Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert

Omer Kaspi has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Systems Engineering. One of his papers was singled out by Nature, International Journal of Science, as groundbreaking in his field.
He is a senior data scientist in a start-up working in the field of transportation for cities and metropolitan areas.

Dr. Netanel Drori
Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Dr. Drori has more than five years of experience in business development, data exploration and analysis. He has extensive knowledge and experience in conducting economic feasibility studies and laying out data-driven business directions.

Prior to assuming his position at PBS Consulting, Dr. Drori led a team of analysts at Pareto Strategies, an Israeli strategic consultancy firm, and worked as a consultant at Ofek Institute of Management, an Israeli management-consulting firm. 

Yadin Katz

Yadin Katz
Digital Content Professional

Yadin Katz has a BA in Interactive Communications and an MBA. For the last 16 years, Katz has been working in both online and offline media.

He is proud to have established and led the international digital presence of the city of Tel Aviv, among other projects with which he has been involved.

Yoram Dori
Political Communications Strategist

Yoram Dori served as the strategic communications spokesperson and media advisor for the late Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister and former President of Israel, and Nobel  laureate.

He has led campaigns for numerous mayoralty candidates and served as media expert for large municipalities.

Branding in the eyes of city mayors

“… London should excel among global cities – expanding opportunities for all its people and enterprises, achieving the highest environmental standards and quality of life and leading the world in its approach to tackling the urban challenges of the 21st century, particularly that of climate change ...

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

“… Auckland needs to be a city that encourages the best and brightest New Zealanders to stay in this country and attracts the skilled people, entrepreneurs and investment our city and country need ...”

Phil Goff
Mayor of Auckland​

“… Our vision is to develop Jerusalem so it can fulfill that role – to develop tourism, to be a cultural center, and to exploit the spiritual potential of the Holy City. My goal is to reach ten million tourists a year a decade from now ...

Nir Barkat
Former Mayor of Jerusalem

“… Our vision regarding buildings, bridges, highways and streets, and the public realm can serve to either enhance our city’s future or help condemn it to mediocrity for decades ...”

Manuel “Manny” Diaz
Former Mayor of Miami